In the bustling cities of Rayne, Scott, Crowley, Lafayette or where have you where time is of the essence, 87 Washes Mobile Detailing Service also has a Basic Wash option – a streamlined service designed to provide your vehicle with a quick and efficient refresh. While recognizing that not all situations require the premium service of full detail, our mini-detail guarantees your car remains clean and presentable without wasting your precious time. We guarantee that we will provide personalized services of a high standard to meet your specific needs.



    • Perform Interior Vacuum and Wipe Down: Our highly trained and dedicated team starts with thorough interior vacuuming. This step addresses dust, dirt, and debris on every nook and cranny within your car, resulting in a spotless and inviting interior. The cleaning process is followed by a thorough wipe-down, tackling surfaces and crevices, improving the overall comfort of your driving.
    • Give Spotless Window Cleaning: We know having clear visibility on the road is essential. Our Basic Auto Cleaning in Crowley includes a thorough window cleaning, leaving your windows sparkling clean. Not only does this help improve your vision, but it also adds to the beauty factor of your vehicle.
    • Make Outer Wash Simple: Our soft yet effective wash eliminates the surface dirt and grime the vehicle needs to revive. Although it is less detailed than expected from a full service, our basic outer wash guarantees a pristine-looking car while maintaining quality.


    • Time-Conscious Individuals: For tight-schedule individuals seeking a swift yet effective cleaning solution.
    • Regular Maintenance: Use our Basic Wash to keep your vehicle's appearance between two consecutive full detailing sessions.
    • Convenient and Affordable Care: Busy car owners in Lafayette and the surrounding areas can rely on our affordable car wash for a quick refresh.

    Whether it's the lively Lafayette, the quaint Rayne, the historic Crowley, the inviting Duson, the busy Scott, or the lovely Carencro—rest assured that our mini-detail service is not far away. Featuring the convenience of bringing our expertise to your doorstep, you can rest assured that your vehicle will receive the attention it deserves


    Our mini-detail is a proactive maintenance procedure that embellishes your car's appearance between full detailing sessions. It ensures a level of cleanliness and attractive appearance that is always maintained.


    The mini detail is an excellent choice for those who want to quickly wash their car inside and outside to eliminate dirt or buildup. It is the perfect option for a fast clean without the extended time commitment of a full detail.


    Cost-effective services for regular maintenance are offered in our mini-detail It enables you to maintain your car in the best possible state without deep detailing every time, thus reducing the time and money you would spend.

    • REMOVE STAINS FROM THE UPHOLSTERY. The mini-detail keeps your car upholstery up-to-date, eliminating odors and ensuring a welcoming interior every time you unlock your car. Say goodbye to stains and odors, and let your car key unlock a fresh and inviting atmosphere with our efficient mini-detail service.